Past Layouts
There has been many, many more layouts through the years then I have displayed here. I only started collecting images of past layouts in 2005.




  • Title: Letting go of the past Version 12.0
  • Image(s) provided by: Google Search= Site N/A
  • Song: "Yuna's Ballad" -Final Fantasy X-2
  • Inspiration: I need to give credit to ilostmyname at I saw a layout design called "Dreaming of a place" and fell in love with the image. I don't like to use another's work if I can make my own and make it different enough that they will not feel that I stole their design. Since it was the image I loved, I went to Google image search and thankfully found a large, hi-quality .jpg of the same image ilostmyname used. This is what I came up with. I think it is my favorite layout so far.
    The title "Letting go of the past- Looking into the future" and poem "Something My Past Didn't See" by Gaye D. Hight, both have to do with where I am in life. I need very much to let go of what has happened and look forward to what I have in the future. The poem can be found at

  • Date: December 9, 2005


  • Title: Learning to Dream Again Version 11.0

  • Image(s) provided by: N/A

  • Song: "Take Your Sweet Time" -Jesse McCartney

  • Inspiration: It has been a long hard year for me. I feel very tired, worn and at times defeated, but tomorrow is a new day and very soon a new year. It has been hard to keep believing in my dreams, all of the hopes for tomorrow, but I am learning to dream again.

  • Date: October 15, 2005


  • Title: God Never Fails -He will get me through this too Version 10.0

  • Image(s) provided by: Final Fantasy Shrine

  • Song: "Final Fantasy X Intro Theme" -Nubuo Uetmatsu

  • Inspiration: I lost someone who I once thought was very close to me. In many ways he was very destructive to me, but I chose to stay, determined to be there for him.
    I ended up having to back away because he had too much control over me. It broke my heart more than anyone knows.
    I knew it could never be the same as it was before but I wanted so much to remain his loyal friend. I thought things where going so well between us but he had not changed. I could not see it before, but now I see all too well.
    Does it hurt more to loose someone you love or to discover the one you love was never there.
    He tells me I shouldn't trust my life to God. That God can do nothing for me. That I must choose my own way. I tried so hard to tell him that only God knows the way our lives must go, that God is our only hope. We can never get it right on our own. He refuses to believe, refuses to here anything I say.
    You say God has gotten me nowhere. I say God never fails, he will get me through this too, you will see.

  • Date: October 05, 2005


  • Title: Never Alone Version 9.0

  • Image(s) provided by: Final Fantasy Fanatics

  • Song: "Never Alone" -BarlowGirl

  • Inspiration: Main inspiration was the song "Never Alone" by BarlowGirl.
    Right now, I need a constant reminder that I am never alone. God is always here with me, even though I can't see Him or always feel He is here.
    Since my inspiration was a song and my current life situations, I decided to pick an image that captured how I feel. It is Yuna from a scene in Final Fantasy X. Like me, she was feeling sadness and desperation over her current situation. But, unlike Yuna, we are so blessed to always have God with us no matter how alone we may feel.

  • Date: September 01, 2005


  • Title: Laughter Version 8.0

  • Image(s) provided by: Alamy

  • Song: "Never Alone" -BarlowGirl

  • Inspiration: I made this layout to display my joy and praise over what God has done.

  • Date: May 24, 2005


  • Title: Coffee & Cream Version 7.0

  • Image(s) provided by: n/a -did not make the images myself, only laid them out

  • Song: "When the Rain Comes" -Third Day

  • Inspiration: I LOVE coffee. I wanted a coffee layout. I really liked how the creamer pours down the screen.

  • Date: May 16, 2005


  • Title: Pretty Version 6.0

  • Image(s) provided by: n/a

  • Song: "Dreams" -Cranberries

  • Inspiration: I was desperate for something really pretty and feminine. I usually will not use actors in a layout, but I found this scan of Liv Tyler and I had to use it. On the background is the chorus from the song "Dreams".

  • Date: March 27, 2005


  • Title: Will Make It Through Version 5.0

  • Image(s) provided by: n/a

  • Song: none

  • Inspiration: None really, just came up with it. Didn't really like it much.

  • Date: March 2, 2005
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