Welcome to my Blog
Name: Karen
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian, born in America
Date of birth: October 11th, 1980
Age: 25
Location: Illinois, United States
Photoshop Filter: KPT Equalizer
Photoshop Tool: Clone Stamp
Brush: Old Paper
Graphic to collect: Avatars
Graphic to make: Layouts
Color: Red, Orange, Brown
Song: "Never Alone" -BarlowGirl
Band: Switchfoot, Third Day
Singer: Kendal Payne, Plumb, Aly & A.J.
Type of Music: Christian, Classical, Game & Movie Soundtracks
Music Composer: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Thomas Newman
Instruments: Violin, Piano, Guitar
Book: Myst Series, Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Anything Dickens
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, Black and White Classics
Actors: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford, James Stewart
Games: Zelda, Final Fantasy III, IX, X and X-2, Kingdom Hearts
Drink: Iced Cafe Mocha, Coffee in General, Tea
Dessert: My Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ice Cream: Byers: Extra Creamy Chocolate, Coffee
Kind of food: Italian, Tacos

First I want to say thank you for visiting. I hope you always enjoy your time here. Feel free to leave your suggestions and any feedback you have to help me make this site and others better. I thoroughly appreciate all your help and support.
If you ever wondered about the person behind the site, here is little info about me.

Me: My life-long goal in is to find the right (Christian) man, marry, and be a devoted wife and mother. In 2005 I thought I had found my match and my destiny. It ended in my having to break off the engagement and watch my dream fade away leaving only the pain. It tore me up. I saw my dream as shattered, beyond repair. I started to slipping away from life and hope. I needed something new to focus on. New dream. New inspiration. My lifelong love has been art and design, creating things out of anything since I was just a baby. I turned my focus to that as a new dream. I started studying html, site design, layouts, graphic design, anything I could learn. I have learned so much. I treasure it all as gold.
I am still studying in graphic design and site layouts. My dream is still to find the right man and raise a family. Only now I know that I can do even more then I originally dreamed for myself. I have not yet fully recovered from the pain and disappointment, but now I realize that this is the dawn of a new day for me. I don't know what is coming in the hours ahead, but I know it is brighter because of where I have come.

Future Plans: I would like to continue to work in graphics and site design. I don't yet know if I have what it takes or how I can use it in the future, but it is something I would love to continue to grow and work in. I have a real desire to go to school and study. I had decided at the end of 2005 to enroll for 2006, but between lack of money, self confidence and emotional support I managed to talk myself out of it. I do think it is in my future and necessary if graphic arts falls through. Although I wish nothing more than to be an old fashioned housewife, society would say I am living in the wrong time for that. I want to prove society wrong. I can't bear the thought of putting aside duties as a wife and mother to make a living. I pray I will never have to.

Site History: Established: February 09, 2003. It was my first site and I have never had the heart to part with it. I started site work because of my love for graphic design. I have worked with graphics since I first touched a computer. I wanted a place to use and display my creative works. Over the years this space has taken many shapes, some good, some better of forgotten. January of 2006 SoManyDreams became my official blog site while all of my graphic works were moved to Simply-Endless, my free graphic site.

Tools of the Trade: Photoshop Version 8.0, Photoshop Image Ready Version 8.0, Notepad, Google, and lots of practice and patience.

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The intended purpose for this site is to be an online journal and space for my own creative expression.
It is and never will be my purpose or intention to offend or cheat anyone at any time.
All images are copyright to their original owners; no copyright infringement is intended. I will give credit when possible. If you see any of your work here and would like it removed or proper credit given please contact me.
I will always keep the site content Christian and rated G. Please realize that I cannot be responsible or always aware of the content on other sites linked to or from this site.
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